Travel Series- Slovenia: Lake Bled {Another Pinterest Inspiration}

Beautiful, quaint, rustic Slovenia. A hidden gem in Eastern Europe.

Just when we thought we knew our way around Italy and understood all the road signs–a new language was upon us. One that looked nothing like anything we’d seen before.

I quickly decided that when I come back to Europe, Slovenia is on the list. A week in Lake Bled, specifically–maybe in the fall.

Bled, Slovenia was not originally one of our stops. But after researching on Pinterest–an image stuck out to me…Lake Bled, with it’s castle overlooking the lake and the church on the island. Everything about it appealed to me. So, to Lake Bled we went!

We were blown away by the views. Photos just don’t do it justice. The small quaint town of Bled has this lake, castle and church–and many friendly swans.


Incredibly, the best pizza of the trip was here in Slovenia. I still think about it.

With all that water, come a LOT of bugs. The mosquitoes were horendous. You couldn’t open your mouth without swallowing some. 

We stayed at Pension Bled, which is on the outskirts of town in a residential area–but it has great views of the mountains surrounding the village. 

The main thing we wanted to do in Bled was hike the Vintgar Gorge. My favorite hike of the entire trip–simply because it was COOL–about 70 degrees with a breeze through the cliffs. The water was crystal clear. 

And with that, we were done in Slovenia. A quick drive up to Vienna, and we were on our way to the airport in the morning. By far the most relaxing, visually-appealing, yummy, do it all type of vacations I’ve ever been on.

Next up…a recap of our favorites and memories from Europe.