Christmas Portraits with Lands’ End models {Dodgeville Family Portraits}

I have to say…when I get to work with kids who have also been Lands’ End models (so what if it’s just for size? still counts in my book :)) in our local hometown of Dodgeville…it makes my job that much easier! They truly are naturals in front of the camera and honestly, they really do love each other!

It’s also fun to look at how much these kiddos have grown and changed since last year’s Christmas portraits.

What I love about these portraits is how much love and happiness you can see in the photos. The smiles and laughs are real–we had a fun time during the shoot! My cheeks hurt from all the smiling I was doing. 🙂

One of my favorite images from the day…

But honestly, it’s hard to choose a favorite when they’re all this cute!

Thanks, kiddos {& your great mom}, for spending an afternoon with me!