Allie & Dan {Sunnyfield Farm Reception & Devil’s Lake Wedding}

In a sophisticated, British accent, Allie spoke to me about her destination Wisconsin wedding. She spoke fondly of her childhood. Wisconsin is where her roots planted her in life, but the years have shown she is quite comfortable transplanting herself around the globe, most recently to London. Her soon to be husband, Dan, was from England. When asked how they met…she laughed…and said, in my parents kitchen in Wisconsin, 5 years ago! I knew I was in for something very special, I just never imagined how special their weekend would be.

The wedding weekend began on the beautiful grounds of the Sunnyfield Farm Bed & Breakfast. As they had friends and family traveling in from around the globe, their weekend of celebrations began with the party. With a fusion of their two lives, guests took part in an English noon tea and went home with homemade jams made by Allie’s talented mother. The personal touches and love in the air was palpable. Running hugs, laughter, even some wolf howls–Allie & Dan were surrounded by a bubble of love.


As the light went down and the temperatures dropped, the Stellanovas serenaded us with jazz, and Allie & her dad took to the dance floor to show off their swing moves.  Surprises were in store–as family friends provided floating lanterns to send with well wishes into the sky.





The following morning began with an intimate brunch at Fountain Chateau with all of their families and closest friends.

The Stellanovas performed again, accompanied by the most angelic voice of JP Olson , providing a most relaxing atmosphere before the big afternoon.Luckily it turned out to be a beautiful October weekend with perfect temps.Soon it was time for Allie to get ready…Dan patiently waited outside with friends.A few of the details of the day…

Allie’s beautiful shoes

The very personalized, custom rings. So much history of love and family in two small objects.

And here is where I get to gush about the amazing person Allie is. As I watched Allie get ready, she did so with such ease. It was her wedding day, and she was glowing. She put on her makeup as if following a science experiment. Her mom did her hair. One of the best professional photographers in Lake Tahoe helped her into her wedding dress (one of my personal favorite memories, ever!) 🙂 We listened to music, sharing how similar we are {honestly, separated at birth comes to mind}. And during these moments, I realized how beautifully unique Allie is, and how that makes her so, so special in my book. As she spoke about Dan, I knew this is what it’s all about. Finding that other half. And not just in one person. But in a family. Where two families meld and become one. Through lots of love, compromise, and great distances…I knew I was a part of two intrinsically good families uniting.

As we arrived to the ceremony location at Devil’s Lake State Park, we looked up and noticed turkey vultures swarming overhead. As if we’re twins, Allie & I simultaneously commented on their wings. For posterity purposes, a photograph for your Dad, Allie. 🙂

And then…the moment had arrived. Allie & her Dad look towards the lake where their closest friends and family are gathered.

They walked hand in hand towards Dan.

As the sun began to slowly creep down the horizon, Allie & Dan said their vows surrounded by loved ones from all over the world (including hundreds of water fowl that wanted a great view).

As they exchanged rings, you could feel the collective smiles spreading.And then–they were husband and wife!

A champagne toast, followed by group photos and then dinner at Del Bar. A sweet moment between Allie & her Mom. Complete with their dresses sticking together. 😉

After spending two full days with these families, learning accents from Norway to Italy to England, laughing and crying along with them…I have to say, even I feel as if I’m a part of their family. Friends of Allie & Dan said often throughout the weekend–these families are so welcoming. They will always be there for you. No matter what. I think I witnessed first hand how much love and care and planning went into planning this amazing, two day wedding weekend. As Allie & Dan ‘live across the pond’, so much was done at a distance. Allie’s organizational skills definitely paid off, ten fold.

As we all know, life can’t always be planned in the same manner, but somehow I know that Allie & Dan have the perfect recipe for success…incredible family, unconditional love, compromising spirits and the motivational drive to accomplish great things in life.

I wish the two of you all the best–and may you feel this much love and energy for the rest of your lives.




A special treat that I gave Allie & Dan…a video that encompasses their two days.

Wedding Day



Vendors from the weekend:


Allie - November 23, 2011 - 3:52 am

I think I’d say I have a very strange, mongrel accent… and my family would tell you I sound Canadian… 😀

I can never thank you enough for doing such an amazing job of capturing the weekend- your photos tell the story so well.

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