Lance: Patterdale Terrier of the Year {Dog Lifestyle Photographer}

Have I mentioned that I LOVE photographing furry members of our family? {And no, I’m not talking about your uncle who hasn’t shaved in a few years…}

I absolutely love capturing a dog’s personality on camera. Even better when the photo shows their true self–or maybe a bit of their show off self. I seem to elicit that kind of response. Throw a camera in a dog’s face and I get a show off. You think I’m exaggerating? Check out this tough little dude.


Meet Lance.

25 pounds of pure muscle. Lance’s mom, Jennifer, thinks that he is a Patterdale Terrier and I would have to agree. Although, he sure does have a lot of pointer tendencies and personality traits. Either way, a real looker that turns the heads of other dogs at the park.

Sweet Lance has been through so much in his life…before Jennifer adopted him from a rescue shelter, Lance went through a brutal beating and was even shot in the mouth. Just typing that puts tears in my eyes…how could anyone harm anything in that way? Clearly Lance has persevered and overcome so many health obstacles. He may run with only 3 legs on the ground, but I happen to think the way he points his feet to be very graceful. 🙂

I am so happy that Lance has Jennifer and vice versa. They clearly love each other very much and Lance even protects his mama from scary flies on the beach.


I wish San Francisco wasn’t quite so far away so my girls could play and run with Lance…I have a feeling Nike and Lance would majorly crush on each other. Until then…my pups have Lance as their screensaver and have designed a 2012 pinup calendar with Lance on every page.

Check out his moves…

Dano - October 21, 2011 - 8:09 am

This is a great set! Such rich colors, and the combination of action and crisp stillness. Beautiful!