Bayfield Photography Weekend {Day 2 – Madeline Island}

Before I jump into Day 2 of our Bayfield weekend, I have to add that our food was superb the entire weekend. On the way up we made a stop in Ashland to visit my friend Kaila at the Ashland Baking Company and picked up some yummy bread she baked. Friday night we dined at Wild Rice, which is just the most unique place set deep in the woods next to Lake Superior. {I highly recommend the scallops–delish!} It almost felt like Blair Witch as we drove down the long road to the restaurant.

Saturday morning we set our alarms to check for clouds. Why, you ask? But of course–to see if we could catch the sunrise over the lake. No luck with the clouds. We had a leisurely morning and dined at the Egg Toss in Bayfield, which is owned by the same people as Wild Rice. A more up north, diner kind of feel…but great food, once again. After breakfast we drove my car onto the Madeline Island Ferry and headed over to Big Bay State Park.

The true goal of the weekend was to spend more time behind the lens, share photography techniques, as well as have some fun. It’s amazing how much we learned about cloud cover, exposure, and light. It all really comes down to light. And the light did not disappoint on Saturday. Here are a few of my favorites…


Gena looking out over Lake Superior

Yoga next to Lake Superior {kinda jealous that two of her roommates are yoga instructors}

Big Bay State Park

This little guy gets a story. I happen to have a thing for wildlife in any form. Including inch long caterpillars. I may have let out a squeal when I saw this. Gena looked over like…what? what!? Me: Oh, it’s a little caterpillar! Gena: That? That!? 🙂 Fast forward to Sunday…my Mom and Dad did a 50 mile bike ride to take in the fall colors. On the bike ride, my Mom counted all of the caterpillars (33 in all). No wonder where I get it from. 🙂

We also practiced with our macro lens for some up close and personal flora.And then with our wide angle lens.Some fall color poking through in the sunlight.Along the shore of Big Bay State Park…

A hint to one of our major upcoming plans.We drove around the entire island for this view.As we drove, we saw a red fox dart across the road…too quick for our cameras. But, this guy paused in the woods long enough to hear me making chipmunk noises with my cheek (thanks, Dad).Then we stopped at a very eclectic bar, Tom’s Burned Down Cafe (don’t let the name fool you), and waited patiently for the sunset.

The wait was entirely worth it.And then we were off to the ferry to catch a ride to mainland.A beautiful day full of good food, great company and breathtaking views.

…Could our weekend get any prettier? But of course! Just wait til you see the flowers of Blue Vista Farm and waterfalls from Copper Falls.