Baby Jack + Family {Madison Family Photographer}

Dear Baby Jack,

At 4 months old, I can tell you’re already going places. With parents as smart as yours, you’re going to be spelling hematopoiesis before you’re 2. I can just sense it. 🙂

I am so glad your mommy emailed me, especially since I walk right by her lab when I work at UW. Small world, huh bud?

You sure do have killer looks and a smile that breaks hearts already…

And you were lucky and got your mommy’s recessive blue eyes.

I quickly learned that along with your smiles, you have some very disgruntled faces….which are quickly solved by Cookie Monster!

You are one happy dude when your daddy helps you stand or tickle your belly.

You are at an age where you love your hands…in your mouth. 🙂

Thanks for being such a good sport on a beautiful fall day here in Madison!