Graham & Dakin {Hayward Children Photographer}

New Year’s Eve.

Those simple words will always remind me of this family.

Driving the back roads of Lenroot Township. Hoping you remember which driveway is theirs. See the line of cars on the dead end road…yep, this is the place.

A perfect backdrop for raising kind, talented, and beautiful children.

New Year’s Eve. Kids in the basement watching movies. Or outside throwing snowballs. Stoking the bonfire.

Memories etched in my brain and so many other families, I’m sure.

Imagine my delight when Sarah {aka the girl I’ve always looked up to and wanted to be like}, sent me an email saying…I’ll be up at my parents in August, any chance you will be up there too? The stars aligned and as Sarah, her husband and children drove up from Chicago, I made my way up from Mineral Point.

I was able to spend a few hours at Sarah’s parent’s home and was quickly reminded why I love the Northwoods so much. Lakes, forests, fields, rivers…and beautiful sunsets. Their land is amazing…filled with chickens, cows, goats, pigs…made this hobby farm dreamer so, so happy.

And imagine my delight when I met Sarah and Charlie’s adorable sons: Dakin & Graham. Talk about cute overload. And mix in great personalities! And so photogenic! The silly faces Graham could make…almost on command…were amazing. And sweet lil Dakin, always asking for more blackberries from his Dad.

I really think I found the recipe for a perfect photoshoot:

1. Two adorable boys
2. Blackberries provided by Dad
3. Northern Wisconsin sunset
4. The most beautiful yard, field, & woods
5. Farm animals to wave to (Hi cows! Hi pigs! Hi goats! Hi chickens!)
6. Swing set, wheelbarrow, & logs…perfect natural props

Combine ingredients and add the loving touch of Mom

And just look at the finished product…

Thank you, Sarah & Charlie, for letting me capture a slice of the heaven that is your life.

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