Home is….

I realized an interesting thing on my 2 hour drive home from working in Milwaukee today. Actually, it happened around Exit 290, which happens to be really close to Milwaukee…right around Pewaukee, in fact. {Me….this country-living, chicken-loving, doggy mama…used to live in a suburb of Milwaukee.}

{My pretty backyard in Pewaukee filled with apple & pear trees}


During my drive home (see, I said that word again…home), I actually didn’t think for a second about the house that I still own in Pewaukee. I thought about my old neighbors {Hi Claudia!} and how much we loved walking our dogs together every day and I thought about the memories I made in Pewaukee. It wasn’t until I hit Madison that I realized…my house in Pewaukee is no longer my home. Well, clearly it isn’t…I have people renting from me and living in the house.

So then I thought…what makes a house a home? At what point did I call our new house {which we’ve been in for nearly two years!}…our home? Is home really…where the heart is?

And why is it that I still refer to my childhood home as home, but yet think of my current home as home, both separate but equally important homes to me? {I’m totally confusing myself, and probably you, with these words and making no sense whatsoever.}


I’ll actually be heading to my childhood home in Hayward next weekend and can’t wait for some quality time on Nelson Lake & Lake Superior {bring on the sea caves}. Hoping for many nights that look like this…

{Nelson Lake Sunset}


But when all is said and done, the time will come for me to head back to my new home of only two years. My roots are finally starting to sink in after being transplanted across the state over the past 28 years. 🙂 Good thing because I happen to really love where we live…

Enlighten me, drifters, what does home mean to you?


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