Grandma Vi {A Birthday Wish}

Dear Grandma Vi {aka the cutest 92 year old I know},

Happy, happy, happy birthday!

I wish we could be together celebrating our birthdays as we always did…with a dance recital, DQ ice cream cake, and lots of storytelling. {Yes, I remember…at the age of 4 I told you to cooperate and I’ll never forget me telling you to GO HOME, GO HOME NOW when you tried to take a pillow to rest on}

Your strength, determination, humor and love continue to amaze me and make me feel so lucky to have your genetics.

I will forever cherish this day we had in the woods, enjoying Mother Nature, and your photoshoot with the leaves. Even in your 90s, you are so photogenic!

{Photo by Aunt Carol}

{Photo by Aunt Carol}

You have taught me how to laugh at just about anything and this is proof of that…


Thank you for bringing so much joy, happiness, love and great memories to my life.


your lil Anni