4 days to go… {America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride 2011-Team in Training}

Event weekend is upon us.

I can’t believe it’s here.

In 4 days I bike 100 miles around Lake Tahoe.

As I hurriedly packed everything for my Tahoe adventure, followed by vacation, followed by a business trip to New Jersey, I stopped for a moment to let it all sink in. I let myself get stressed over the messy house, the projects I need to complete, the fact that my baby chicks still think our house is their coop and not the one outside. And really? None of that matters. Not in the big scheme of things.

On Sunday the only thoughts I want running through my head are that of hope, finding the cure, and those who will benefit from all of the funds we’ve raised for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Biking 100 miles gives me lots of time to get inside my head. I know I will cry {what’s new} as I climb and conquer Emerald Bay. I will let the tears fall down my face as I see the majestic snow capped mountains. I will weep happy tears of joy as a cancer patient or survivor bikes alongside of me. I may even cry on Spooner Hill as I get into my “bite me” zone where I question why in the world I did this for the 2nd year in a row. And then…I will cry the last two miles to the finish line. And when I cross the finish line. And when I see my teammates. And my parents who are riding along with me.

I’m certainly not crying because of sadness. Oh no, it’s mostly happy tears. Yet, I do think of all of my cancer patients who are no longer here with us on Earth. So yes, there may be some sad tears.

But what I want to take away from Sunday is a reminder that we are riding for hope. We are riding to find a cure. We are riding to make a difference.

And if that means I cry…then so be it.

For my honored patients…I am riding for YOU. THANK YOU for being my inspiration.




Erica - June 2, 2011 - 10:29 pm

I already have tears. I love this. I love you. You are amazing and so inspirational. Good luck to you, Mom, Dad, and everyone else! You are all incredible!