Mother’s Day 2011 {A Special Message for My Mom}

Dear Mom,

Words can never adequately express the love and gratitude I have for you, this Mother’s Day and always. I have so much to thank you for.


Thank you for bringing me into the world. I often think that our hearts as so closely aligned, and it’s no wonder…me, Karissa, and Erica are the only ones in this world who know what your heart beat sounds like from the inside.


Thank you for giving me amazingly hardworking grandparents who taught you how to love the land and cook really really yummy food.


Thank you for teaching me to love digging in the dirt and planting flowers.



Thank you for instilling in me a love for nature.



Thanks for always making me giggle.



Thanks for making me love wearing dresses. {Ha, who am I kidding? If you looked as silly as this, would you want to wear a dress ever again?} 🙂

Thanks for instilling in me a love for travel and seeing the world.


Thank you for showing me how to love animals.


Thank you for sharing your love of music and art.


Thank you for your encouragement, support and advice.


Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to always reach for the stars.



I wish we could be together on Mother’s Day and celebrate with an easy bike ride, sunshine, tulips, and a yummy breakfast.



Near or far, you will always be my best friend and my #1 Mom.