Welcome to the family! {Driftless Living Photography’s Newest Addition}

Before you get too excited….no, we are not adding any more animals or humans to our family. {Well, we did just add two chicks a few weeks back. And we have thought about a cat I’m seriously not a cat person. And I dream daily about a mini teacup pig.}

My patience and loyalty has certainly paid off. My plans and dreams for Driftless Living Photography are coming to fruition. And my addiction is being satisfied.










Meet my new love:

First, the nerdy specs:

27″ iMac

3.1 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5

4 GB RAM memory {which I will upgrade to 12 or 16GB at home}

1 TB hard drive {very tempted to upgrade to 2 TB, but external HDs really aren’t that expensive. I’m gonna save my $$  for when Solid State Drives decrease in price…and boot up my OS from that externally.}

AMD Radeon HD 6970M with 1 GB (video card)

Two Thunderbolt ports

Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad {that the amazing Mac Expert threw in for free}


I think those are the major specs/upgrades from the previous 2010 iMac model.

I was pretty proud that I lugged this through the mall, all by myself. She’s heavy!


She joins quite the array of other current and retired Apple family members.

{For a size perspective…L to R: 15″ MacBook Pro, 27″ iMac, 15″ PowerBook G4 (2001 edition), and in front: iPhone (original version), iPod, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4}


My review thus far: She is fast, has a huge screen, and is beautiful. Processes Photoshop CS5 with quickness and ease (including actions and layers), renders video seamlessly, and communicates with the slightly envious MacBook Pro effortlessly on the home network I set up. I’m not a fan of the Magic Mouse, and am glad I went with the Magic Trackpad. The trackpad has so many more gestures and options to customize. If I do feel the need for a mouse, I may upgrade to a different wireless version sorry Apple. I don’t like that the plugs are on the back of the screen and not real easy to access, but I suppose I will adjust. I’m hopeful more Thunderbolt peripherals will come out soon.


Any questions or comments on the new iMac 2011 refresh? Would love to hear from you!