Driftless Living? {Not quite}

As the name of my blog and photography business suggests, we live in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. Meaning, without drifts. Glacial drifts, that is.

All across the Midwest, and especially here in Southern Wisconsin, we just experienced one of the biggest blizzards in years. I don’t know the final numbers {do you?}, but I know one thing–the drifts? They were incredible.

We were anything but driftless today.

|front yard & driveway|

|driveway after plowing|

|drift on side of house|

You know it’s a bad storm when the dogs won’t even go out without coaxing and the truck+plow at the truck accessories store gets stuck in your own driveway. {We still have half of the driveway left to plow. Not sure where we’re pushing the rest of the snow!}

|Stuck in driveway|

|Maggie on top of drift|

|Nike stuck in snow drift|

|Nike & Maggie running down driveway|

While we complain about the snow and cold, I secretly love the beauty Mother Nature holds.

The way warm breath catches in the soft, fading sunlight.

The way the snow crunches under your boots.

The way that each and every snowflake is unique.

Mother Nature is powerful. I have much respect. And so appreciate all the beauty she gives.

|Sunset & Snow|