Oh, the places you’ll go! {2011 so far}

Anyone else having a hard time believing it’s already the end of January 2011?

My apologies to all of you patiently waiting for an update. 2011 has proven to be a year of potential, and I’m more than ready to jump right in.

As I sit with my fellow Team In Training teammate, Dano, sipping my prosecco, having our first of hopefully many “writing workshops”, I’m reminded of all the potential of the upcoming year.

-Training and fundraising begins for America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride with Team In Training. I’ll be riding with Team Madison & Team Novartis, again. 100 miles around Lake Tahoe, CA. One season closer to finding the cure for blood cancers.

-This is also my last semester of my Master in Public Health, and my thesis (capstone project) writing is underway. If you have any thoughts on a great tobacco cessation and education program for youth, please share!

January thus far has been busy as well. I’ve successfully moved all belongings from my first house to my new house and am now a landlord of my first house. It was bittersweet leaving my house of 5 years, but I’m so excited for this new chapter and new knowledge I will gain with an investment property. The whole experience makes me feel like I know more than a typical 27 year old should, but then I read about Mark Zuckerberg and feel like I have a lot of catching up to do with business thinking. I’ve even toyed with the idea of an MBA in the future. What can I say…I love me some school.

I also just spent a week in Las Vegas with all of my amazing colleagues. While I came home with “Novartis cooties”, I really wouldn’t trade a week with my colleagues for anything. From Cirque du Soleil to celebrity *impersonator* sightings (Hi Bono & Cher!), it was an incredible week and inspires me to stay focused for another breakthrough year ahead.

Once I recovered from my crud I was able to resume photoshoots for an adorable newborn. What I love about my photography is the connections it builds and the patience it teaches me.

What to expect at a newborn photoshoot?

-baby not sleeping when you want it to

-baby peeing and/or pooping at least 5 more times than you expect

-nothing going according to plan

-capturing moments that make my ovaries hurt

It may be the most challenging photography that I do, but I also find it to be so rewarding. Capturing a newborn who is only this size once, showcasing the beauty & love of the new parents, and learning the patience to wait for the perfect shot…that’s why I love what I do.

This spring has a lot of exciting updates coming in terms of Driftless Living Photography. If you’ve ever wanted a family photoshoot but never felt like it was the right time–stay tuned for a great deal that will allow you to make a difference with cancer research. Intrigued? You should be. You can help us find a cure, and get some beautiful photos in the process. 🙂

Looks like our first “writing workshop” is coming to an end and we must mosey on over to my favorite restaurant ever, Tutto Pasta, for some amazing rigatoni pino (I know you’re jealous). 😉
Cheers to a wonderful 2011!

bekah - January 26, 2011 - 7:16 pm

oh my goodness how sweet is that picture! I love it! And Wow on the rental property, that is awesome!

Dano - January 26, 2011 - 8:17 pm

Here’s to 2011! Cheers!