Financially Frugal Living

I need to let you all in on a secret I have.

I’m an online shopping addict.

There… I said it.

And honestly, I’m proud of it.

I’m proud because…

– I never spend above or beyond my means. If I don’t have the money for it, I don’t buy it. I don’t carry a credit card balance. Each month it’s paid in full.

– I’ve learned how to save $$ using sites like & Do yourself a favor–sign up* and bookmark these sites for future reference! {*-I will get a referral bonus of $5 if you sign up using the above link and make a qualifying purchase over $25}


Some more online shopping tips:

– Shop around (online). Google the product you want to buy. Ever notice on the homepage, there’s a Shopping link up top? Use it. You won’t be sorry.

– I so often find what I love in a store…write down what I want, or better yet, take a picture of the price tag. Then I head home, type in the product information, use my account and save $$.

– On a regular basis I check out Amazon Deals–the standard Gold Box & Lightning Deals. That’s actually how we bought our latest major purchase.

Nothing feels as good as saving over $1800 off the suggested retail price! Considering Amazon doesn’t charge for tax and typically has free shipping, it’s my go to place for online shopping.


And I’m not sure how I ever overlooked the references to this free, online financial management tracking tool, but it is my! is simple, effective and so fun to use! Yes, I just said a financial management tool is FUN to use. {and I am a bit of a math nerd}

Essentially, you create an account, search for your various financial institutions, credit cards, investments…log in to your accounts through, and voila–they’re all linked up in one easy access location. {One downfall I have heard about is not all banks, especially small town, aren’t going to be on this site yet}

You can browse through beautiful graphs that output your spending habits, set up budgets, schedule email and text alerts, and set savings goals. You will get useful, thoughtful advice from the website on how to make the most of your investments and savings.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated when making a budget or just don’t know where to begin, this is a great place to start.


Recognizing that our financial habits make sense given our loan forgiveness obama and the beliefs we internalized about money allows us to reflect on our financial mistakes with compassion and grace.

I know there are many other ways to save money, including the very big one of — COUPONS. The one thing I’ve yet to really get into, but would love to learn more about.

Do you have any online shopping or frugal living tips?

Dano - January 28, 2011 - 1:10 pm

For the sporting-good-of-the-moment, try!
And – amen to “spending no more than what you make”. If there’s *one* rule…

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