Baby Adelyn {Madison Newborn Photographer}

You all might remember some of my very closest friends and favorite models around these parts.

From their engagement, to wedding, to expecting their first baby…I’ve loved being a part of Lynn and Pete’s lives and watching them grow together.

A week before their daughter’s birth, Lynn and I were in Starbucks. I realized in that moment that this was probably the last time we’d be together sans baby and it brought such immense joy because I knew what an exceptional mother Lynn would be.

Fast forward a week, and on a Wednesday night I receive a text from Pete, Lynn’s husband. Lynn’s water broke and we’re in the hospital. We’ll let u know more later.

Insert my excitement and anxiety here! Over the next 9 hours I patiently waited for the next text. It was so hard to sleep…so I just laid there…praying for Lynn and baby on the way. Finally, around 1:30am the text I was waiting for came! Baby Girl had arrived. And she had a name! {Lynn and Pete kept the name a surprise. But we knew it was a girl.} All was well with mom and baby. Sweet Adelyn Grace was 7 lb 7 oz and 21 in long. And what a beauty she was!

I was able to visit Adelyn and family on her first day of life. As I walked into the room I noticed Lynn in bed, her Mom sitting by the window and Pete and Lynn’s Dad were getting lunch. For some strange reason I thought…oh, baby must be in the nursery. I gave Lynn a hug and kiss and then walked around to Lynn’s Mom. That’s when I saw her…that sweet swaddled bundle of love resting in her grandmother’s arms. A little baby who stole my heart with my first glimpse of her. Adelyn looked so teeny tiny in Grandma’s arms. As my nose started with the burning sensation before the tears hit, I rushed to Lynn’s side and hugged her again saying over and over again—Lynn, she is SO beautiful! {Honestly, I know many newborns can be rather … not cute…right at birth due to squishing and squeezing and all that’s involved. Not so with sweet Adelyn!}
Once my tears subsided I held precious Adelyn and told her how much she’s already loved…by oh so many. She is truly going to be blessed with amazing parents, grandparents, and so many aunts, uncles and cousins.

At 11 days old we had our newborn photo session and what fun it was! I have a feeling Adelyn will be quite used to being photographed, seeing as her dad and Aunt Annika are such photo enthusiasts!  And with that…I introduce you to ….