What a Difference a Vote Makes

I woke to a crisp 35 degrees. Frost on the ground. The dogs ran across the yard with their breath hanging in the air. Hard to believe it’s already November 2nd. Election Day 2010.

I’ve voted every chance I’ve had since I turned 18, even if it was by absentee ballot. Today I looked forward to finding my new polling location and getting registered to vote in Iowa County.

Today certainly proved to me why I love small town living. I was greeted by a familiar face from a Beth Moore event, who I just sent an email to the prior day. Coincidence? I think not. As I filled out the paperwork, the other women volunteering were asking where exactly I live.

Oh, just over on Survey Road.

Where about on Survey Road?

By Barreltown.

Oh, we live right across the road from you. You’re that big red house on the hill, right?

Yes…that’s us! Are you the goat farm?! *cue me squealing in delight*

I literally was beaming as I gushed about how much I loved their goat farm, and especially that they have a pig now. Imagine my delight when she said…oh, you just walk on over whenever you want to visit and see the animals. My eyes got HUGE and I said, are you sure??? I might just be over every day. Is it okay if I take pictures? She laughed and said of course.

And get this…this is icing on the cake…their sow pig now has 3 lil BABIES!!! And, and, and…she said that I can photograph and help when the baby goats are born in February. I literally wanted to jump up and down with excitement.

Not only did I exercise my right to vote, but I met some amazing neighbors, and have an open invite to meet all 300+ goats, 4 pigs and cattle down the hill.

Guess where I’m going on a walk to tomorrow night. 😉

p.s. Have I mentioned before just how much I love small town living?? Finally, I feel right at home.

Karissa - November 4, 2010 - 8:22 am

AWWW!!! I want to help with the baby kids!!! I want a goat sooo bad.

Annika - November 4, 2010 - 8:32 am

Krissa, you can DEFINITELY come help with the goats. I think they said they have almost 500 now! I was there for almost 4 hours last night and learned SO much! I mostly spent it in the milking parlour. I got some pretty neat photos, but I was mostly just wanting to ask tons of questions and learn Goats 101.

Oh! And the fact that you know a baby goat is called a kid is already impressive! The owner of the farm dislikes when people call their children, “kids”, because that should only be for goats, not people.

I have an open invite to come over any time–they’re always working on the farm and welcome a helping hand! 🙂