Help-Portrait 2010 {Giving Back}

A fellow blogger and wonderful photographer, Andrea, posted about the Help-Portrait recently, and I knew I needed to participate.

The basis is…

1. Find someone in need.

2. Take their photo.

3. Print their photo(s).

4. Give it to them.

The whole thing just gives me warm fuzzies thinking about it!

I would love to do this for many, many families. However, my time is limited. So this is where all of you come in. I would like you to nominate a family, friend, person, even yourself in need this holiday season.

The rules are:

1. Email me at

2. In your email, include who you are nominating and why they could use a free photoshoot this holiday season. Be sure to include a way to contact you and/or them.

3. Emails must be received by Tuesday, November 23rd and the winner will be chosen on Friday, November 26th.

4. The photoshoot must occur on December 4th, in close proximity (~1 hr radius) to Mineral Point.

I will provide a free photoshoot, print all of the images in 4×6, as well as provide one 8×10 of their favorite choice.

*This giveaway is based on need. This will not be randomly selected.*

Also, if you don’t live in this area, but are closer to Milwaukee, please jump over to Andrea’s blog and submit your information there!

Please spread the word, and if you are a photographer, please consider doing this yourself! What a difference we can each make in someone’s life. A true gift, indeed.