Forever Young

I clearly spoke too soon when I said it wasn’t looking like Christmas. I had the joy of driving north to Hayward this weekend and was greeted with nearly 6 inches of the white fluffy stuff! Now I’m truly in the Christmas spirit.

While I was home I got to visit with my parents, Aunt Carol and Grandma Vi. My 91 year old grandma and I have a very special bond. We adore each other and are continually in tears from laughing so hard together. She truly has a forever young spirit, which I hope to have when I’m her age! She said, multiple times, how she’s so glad she can continue to laugh at all life brings.

So Monday night at dinner, we were drinking my Dad’s homemade Blackberry Zifandel (yes, no “n”) wine. Amazing stuff!  Somehow one glass of wine got to us and we ended up creating this masterpiece. If you know my family…you’ll understand this is pretty normal for us. Well, maybe not that normal. 😉

I’m so glad I’m able to capture these memories with my family. I wish I could have my grandma (& parents & aunt) around for the rest of my life. Since that’s not really an option, I’ll make do with our crazy videos and photographs. 🙂

Erica Swenson - November 17, 2010 - 7:35 am

Hahahahahaha. I’m so glad you added this. I finally was able to watch it. Laughing SO hard right now. Grandma is definitely forever young, and I think you guys had a little bit too much wine. Also love that you included the “Go home, go home NOW!” bit… and that Grandma told the story about the beading yet again. I wish I could’ve been there to witness this. Haha.

Joey - November 17, 2010 - 8:14 pm

Whata ‘Hoot”! I loved your mother’s “wolf” howling the best! This is what family memories are made of……………! Joey :o)