Calm after the Storm

{Orchid in the sunrise 11.1.10}

I must be a busy girl if I actually look forward to my work week so things can calm down.

This past week has been no exception. I typically travel for my job, driving anywhere from a hundred to 1,500 miles in one week. Some people don’t understand how I can do this. Luckily, driving is like meditation for me. I spend my time listening to podcasts, books off iTunes and the Pandora app. And honestly, I love driving in silence. Just me and my thoughts. Scary stuff I tell ya. 😉 Or…if you’re a lucky one, you just might get an hour long phone call from me. Don’t worry, I have the SYNC hands free system…lovingly named Helen Keller.  Somehow I drove in the crazy wind gusts we experienced last week and only had corn stalks hit me, instead of big semis.

In exciting, school-related news, I’ve chosen the topic for my Masters in Public Health thesis! Get ready to hear a lot about nutrition in cancer patients and the differences between rural and urban settings. This was all spurred by the amazing book that my Mom introduced me to, Anticancer: A New Way of Life, by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD. If you have a family history of cancer, are battling cancer yourself, or have overcome cancer, I would highly recommend this book. Basically, everyone should read it. And if you have read it, I would love to hear your input. Or do you have questions? Please share.

So last week was pretty hectic…so hectic that I almost forgot about a 10 page paper I had to write. Me. Procrastinate? I think not. I’m the type who gets the assignment done weeks, or months in advance. So waiting til the weekend before it’s due…so not like me. Saturday was spent researching, writing, logic model-ing away. And I’m pretty pleased with my results. Sunday, aka Halloween and my Mom’s birthday, was pretty low key. I had big plans to get the dogs dressed up in their costumes for a photo sesh, but no inspiration was to be found.

Instead…during tonight’s beautiful sunset I got the dogs geared up and out we went. They protested a wee lil bit, and thoroughly enjoyed ripping off their costumes when I was done. Here are my fur babies all decked out.

Maggie the Squirrel

Old Man Thunder the Bee

Nike my Lil Banana Split

Jordan my Hot Dog